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my Shack in a box  (attempt hi)



I’ve been working on my “Shack in a Box” / “Gobox” for a couple weeks now.. The idea behind this is to have my HF radio in a single portable case that can be used both from my desk as well as the field or my car the antenna being used is the Dxslidewinder pro. Love that antenna. the Box can work on 230v with a plug on the back or my 12 v power box with mini starter battery.

This setup allows me to run voice and digital modes on HF using a Yaesu FT-991B and voice the radio is hooked up view Serial/USB cables to a Windows rugged mini i3 pc I use fldigi, sdrplay psk31 and even linux bootable is possible  now..

hardware that i used so far for this build.

Gator 19 inch flightcase

hdmi/vga monitor portable mini monitor 10 inch.

yeasu ft991B radio

sdrplay sdruno and elad  tuning knob.

2 fans running 2 speeds.  push pull config..

usb powered mini audio amplifier with speaker.

I3 mini pc running potato windows 10 wifi and utp on the back.

keyboard is a bluetooth mouse all in one.

12v 30 amp powersupply  used from a old 3d printer.




had this in the bin.. a wirewound resistor.. its working great to slow them two sunon fans down with a switch..


sunon fans they are in push pull config and they keep the temps low… but there loud LOUD at full speed..



left u see the sdrplay on the right the yeasu. and the resistor is getting extra cooling this way also and i have used 9 ferrites in this setting
The windows mini pc is doing a great job here.. remote control and decoding at the same time is no issue .ft8 and other software is working great.. no heat issues since i have them fans switched to sunons.
rosenberger coax
Rosenberger coax i had rg58 cables before but the amount of noise was to much, this coax is way better for qrm shielding.

on the left side u see the 3d printed speaker unit.. it’s got a usb powered amplifier inside the speaker housing for the

extra punch when listening to pc audio..


sunon fan
3d printed fanguards are needed them sunons are fingerlicking good..

the wifi antenna is mounted on the back now. it was inside but it was having problems with the wifi

so i can choose to work true lan or wifi or even bluetooth now..


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